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Hostwriter and CORRECTIV (Publisher): Unbias the News. Why diversity matters for journalism.
Tina Lee (Editor-in-Chief), Mohammad Bassiki (Editor), Priyanka Borpujari (Editor), Piotr Drabik (Editor), Bernadette Geyer (Editor), Esther Nakkazi (Editor), Henrique Kugler (Editor), Purple Romero (Editor), Ali Shehab (Editor), Hannah Spyksma (Editor), Qian Sun (Editor), Parfait Tabapsi (Editor), Tabea Grzeszyk (Foreword), Asma Abidi (Author), Wafaa Albadry (Author), Brigitte Alfter (Author), Mónica Baró Sánchez (Author), Daniel Bates (Author), Irene Caselli (Author), Michaela Cavanagh (Author), Chinula Mandla (Author), Amber D. Dodd (Author), Christina Elmer (Author), Emran Feroz (Autor), Atokhon Ganiev (Author), Bex vanKoot (Author), Michelle Soto Méndez (Author), Charles Nisz (Author), Silvia Nortes (Author), Marielba Núñez (Author), Priscila Pacheco (Author), Tanya Pampalone (Author), Jelena Prtorić (Author), Randrianarisoa Riana Raymonde (Author), Purple Romero (Author), Ahmad Sabri (Author), Lakshmi Sarah (Author), Anuradha Sharma (Author), Ali Shehab (Author), Qian Sun (Author), Kolawole Talabi (Author), Laura Vargas-Parada (Author), Shona Yang (Author), Moshtari Hilal (Illustrator), Andy Wilke (Cover Design)


“Diversity is not about political correctness. It’s about quality journalism.” For Unbias the News: Why Diversity Matters for Journalism, 31 reporters spanning the globe, from Brazil to Tajikistan, were asked to write about barriers to greater diversity and inclusion in the newsroom. The result is a collection of eye-opening, personal and refreshing takes on how journalism needs to change to reflect our society.
 For members of the media interested in regaining public trust and telling better, more accurate stories to their audience, taking another look at diversity is essential. This book will help people recognize their own blind spots: what stories they are emphasizing and which they may be neglecting to tell at all.


The book – published by Hostwriter and CORRECTIV – features original illustrations by artist Moshtari Hilal, who was commissioned to create the works based on the articles in the book.


Hostwriter is an award-winning network that helps journalists to easily collaborate across borders. CORRECTIV is the first non-profit research center in the German-speaking world. They also publish books on topics related to journalism and society.

Editorial Reviews

From the Back Cover

In journalism, white, male, Western voices still dominate and are often privileged over others, which means that we are not getting the whole story, or the most accurate one. At Hostwriter, we asked journalists to tell us about the barriers they face in their field and potential ways to fix them. Our colleagues around the globe – from Brazil to Zimbabwe, Tajikistan to the Philippines, and China to the U.S. – contributed stories that are surprising, funny and sometimes infuriating, directly addressing the challenges to making journalism more diverse. The result is a field guide to unbiasing the newsroom and a launchpad for a new kind of journalism that looks more like the society it serves.

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  • Hardcover
  • Publisher: CORRECTIV
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 224
  • ISBN-10: 3948013039
  • Size: 18 x 2,7 x 24,6 cm
  • Product weight: 1,6 pounds