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For More Diversity in Journalism

 European Journalism Observatory reviews Unbias the News

Johanna Mack of the European Journalism Observatory reviewed Unbias the News, noting that it offered promising leads for further research and, “show how media representation can create, reinforce or even disclose and combat inequalities.”

“If a larger variety of voices were heard in the media, stereotypes, simplifying representations and structural racism could be avoided or at least disclosed, the authors of the anthology “Unbias the News” agree.”


The full article is available, in German, below.

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Notable Collaboration of 2019

Unbias the News listed as one of the Center for Collaborative Journalism’s exemplary collaborations of the year

The Center for Cooperative Media named Unbias the News as one of ten “Collaborations that Left a Mark on 2019.” Heather Bryant wrote,

“In a year where talking about the work of journalism itself has been a prominent part of national and international debates, a collaboration focused on what journalism is and should be is a notable addition to this list. Unbias the News brought together dozens of journalists from around the world to talk about barriers they face in their work.”


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Expand your horizons

Unbias the News reviewed by the Association of Free Editors

Unbias the News was reviewed by Angelika Pohl for the Verbands der Freien Lektorinnen und Lektoren. She wrote that the book had many “a-ha” moments and helped the reader to expand their horizons.

White, (middle) old men from middle and upper classes of western societies are not bad journalists per se, but they cannot logically do it alone without support from “outside”. Journalism needs diversity…

The article is available in German.

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Unbias the News listed among “100 inspiring books about journalism”

Rasmus Kleis Nielson, the Director of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford in the UK and Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Press/Politics has listed Unbias the News on a list of 100 inspiring books about journalism.

Check out the full list below.

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“A Plea for Diversity”

 Unbias the News reviewed in dis:orient
Journalist Maximilian Ellebrecht reviewed Unbias the News for outlet dis:orient, calling it a “world trip to the blind spots of journalism.”
The world trip to the blind spots of global journalism is enlightening. Not only that, it’s fun too. This is certainly due to the witty illustrations of the artist Moshtari Hilal, whose writing also appear regularly in the dis:orient column Des: orientierungen. But even more so it is the variety of topics, perspectives, and geographic contexts that make this anthology so refreshing. “Unbias The News” is as diverse as the world in which we live.
“Unbias the News” conveys a positive spirit of optimism . The potential is there, talent is not lacking. What are we waiting for?
The full article is available, in German, below.

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“Bringing together diverse voices”

Tina Lee interviewed for UK’s Media Voices Podcast about Unbias the News.
Editor-in-chief Tina Lee was interviewed by Esther Kezia Thorpe of the Media Voices Podcast to discuss Unbias the News and how the Hostwriter team countered its own biases in putting the book together with authors and regional editors from around the world. She also discussed how to avoid centering white men in discussions of diversity and discrimination.

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“Vielfalt für einen besseren Journalismus”

Tabea Grzeszyk interviewed about Unbias the News for German national radio.
Hostwriter CEO had a live interview with Deutschlandfunk Kultur to discuss Unbias the News with journalist Axel Rahmlow.
“White men aren’t bad journalists per se. But they are not representative of this society. They have their own prejudices and assumptions that influence their view,” says Grzeszyk.
“We want to get diversity out of the inclusion and integration corner. It’s not about doing minorities a favor,” says Grzeszyk. Journalism needs a variety of perspectives in order to deliver good quality.

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“Wider den blinden Fleck”

“All white men should read this book”: Unbias the News reviewed in German daily taz
Journalist Ebru Tasdemir reviewed Unbias the News for the Berlin-based daily newspaper taz, calling it “refreshing” and “entertaining.”
At the beginning of the year, Hostwriter called on journalists from all over the world to contribute texts to the publication. The result is a fabulously illustrated book, thanks to the artist Moshtari Hilal, and a kaleidoscope of journalistic voices from 31 authors from Egypt to Madagascar to Tajikistan.

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“Diversity is not about political correctness. It’s about quality journalism”

Hostwriter Co-Founder Tabea Grzeszyk was interviewed for the podcast, Journalism News. They wrote:
We spoke to Grzeszyk about what it takes to introduce diversity in the newsroom, what are the consequences of not including more voices in our reporting, and how collaboration can help us uncover stories we would otherwise have missed.
“Diversity is not about doing minorities a favour,” she said. “We need them to produce quality journalism.”

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