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Here’s a sneak preview of the contents of Unbias the News! For more information about the journalists listed here, check out the Authors page.

Table of Contents

Tabea Grzeszyk

Watch Your Language: Why Is Multinational Coverage So Monolingual?
Tanya Pampalone

Big Name Isn’t Always Big News
Kolawole Talabi

If It Weren’t for the Newsroom Predators
Anuradha Sharma

Through the Eyes of the Orientalist
Emran Feroz

Behind the Official Story: Is Media Independence Possible in Cuba?
Mónica Baró Sánchez

Words Matter: Nonbinary in the Newsroom
Bex vanKoot

The Lost Voice: Reporting on Crises in Your Homeland
Marielba Núñez

No Objectivity Without Diversity: War Simulation in Lebanon
Ali Shehab

Excuse Me, That’s My Discovery! Bias in Science Reporting
Laura Vargas-Parada

Machines with Prejudices: Investigating Algorithmic Bias
Christina Elmer

Connection Disrupted: Internet Inequality on the Periphery
Priscila Pacheco

Surviving the Whitewashing of Media Row
Amber D. Dodd

Why This ‘Objectivity’ Thing Has Kept Us Broke
Mandlenkosi Chinula

The Freelancer’s Dilemma: Can I Ever Afford to Say No?
Irene Caselli

Confessions of a Parachute Journalist
Daniel Bates

Journalists, Trust Your Fixers
Jelena Prtoric

Starting Over: Making Space for Migrant Journalists
Asma Abidi

The Myth of the Criminal Expatriate
Ahmad Sabri

Not My Mother’s Paper: Who Gets Left Out by Australian Media
Shona Yang

Viewing Privacy Through Another Cultural Lens
Qian Sun

Half the World on Mute: the Fight Against Online Harassment
Michaela Cavanagh

Update Your Dictionary: What Comes After #MeToo?
Wafaa Al Badry

Ableism in the Newsroom: Removing Barriers for Journalists with Disabilities
Charles Nisz

“My Body, My Passport”: The Somber Success of a Female Journalist
Randrianarisoa Riana Raymonde

Fostering a Resilient Media Ecosystem
Michelle Soto Méndez

Shuttering the “Human Zoo”: Breaking Through National Stereotypes
Purple Romero

Full Circle: Making Space for Inclusion in Immersive Storytelling
Lakshmi Sarah

Back in the USSR? Moving Beyond “Post-Soviet”
Atokhon Ganiev

Going to Extremes: Polarization vs. Plurality in Spanish Media
Silvia Nortes

Oops, We Made Right-Wing Populism Stronger. What Now?
Kübra Gümüsay

Can Collaboration Help Unbias Journalism?
Brigitte Alfter