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Waves and lightening strikes wash away buildings of all sorts, windmills, churches, bridges, huts in this image by Victoria Shibaeva

Call for Applications: The Sinking Cities Project

Join our mission! International newsroom Unbias the News will connect, train, and publish local journalists covering how rising sea levels and coastal flooding caused by climate change threaten cities. Application deadline extended to April 25. Rising sea levels, coastal flooding, and changes brought on by



Here’s a sneak preview of the contents of Unbias the News! For more information about the journalists listed here, check out the Authors page. Table of Contents Foreword Tabea Grzeszyk Watch Your Language: Why Is Multinational Coverage So Monolingual?Tanya Pampalone Big Name Isn’t Always Big


Have you ever missed a journalistic opportunity because you were denied a visa for the trip? Have you ever had to stop an interview because the person you were interviewing started flirting with you? Have you ever been left off a byline because your colleague