Little Help: The downsides of working for a top cleaning platform in Germany


Detained Davincis: Artists in Lithuania draw attention to the plight of asylum-seekers

23 June 2022

Unpaid wages, paid press conferences: How politicians manipulate the news in Cameroon

By Sah Terence Animbom, Fomusoh Wadyeh Rachel

16 June 2022

Why Poland offers a warning to Americans

14 June 2022

Drinking in Inequality

The fight against lead contamination in Lahore, Pakistan

10 June 2022

Mining for stories in Africa:

When journalism becomes an extractive industry

20 May 2022

History at risk:

Port Maria, birthplace of Jamaica’s first slave revolt, braces for climate change impact

June 1, 2022

"All Die Na Die"

At the Heart Of Nigeria’s Soot Problem

16 February 2022

Breaking their chains:

How a family escaped bonded labor in a granite quarry in rural Karnataka

19 April 2022

"Stop stealing from us!"

Albanians take to the streets to protest skyrocketing gas prices

21 April 2022

Erasing the record

Journalists and activists face a new normal of intimidation and censorship in Kashmir

26 April 2022

How Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is echoing in the Amazon

5 May 2022

"Mom, when are we going home?"

23 March 2022

Syria's Poisoned Earth

How years of conflict have polluted and destroyed Syrian land

21 March 2022

Weighing Words

Fixing Macedonian Media Coverage of Gender-Based Violence

10 March 2022

Staying Behind

Out of cities and work, India’s women migrant workers struggle to rebuild their lives

11 February 2022

How the urban poor are fighting for their homes on Lagos’ waterfront

11 January 2022

Covid-19 lockdown pregnancies:

How South Africa is fighting to keep girls in school

20 December 2021

Six-legged allies

How insects are shaping food futures

July 12 2021

Vaccine Hesitancy

The Pfizer Kano Case: Distrust is one legacy of unethical Big Pharma practices in Nigeria

7 December 2021

Can you check your activism at the door?

Under white supremacy, Black Canadian journalists see their very existence as a radical act.

July 20 2021

When "Help" Hurts

How #MeToo gave me a vocabulary to claim disability rights

23 November 2021

Private Abuse in Telegram’s “Public Rooms”

Can North Macedonia Fight Online Sexual Harassment?

9 November 2021

“A Living Hell”

Kenyan Women Report Physical Assault During Childbirth

25 October 2021

Rehmat or Zehmat?

Learning to Cope with Trauma From Rain in a Pakistani Metropolis

12 October 2021

Visibility as Resistance

How Zimbabwe’s LGBTQI+ Community Fights Queerphobia on Social Media

28 September 2021

No Facing Away

Why India’s facial recognition system is bad news for minorities

14 September 2021

Black Prisoner's Caucus

How an inmate is working for restorative justice and racial equity

31 August 2021

Women's Inheritance

What stands between women and their inheritance rights in Kenya

17 August 2021

Exploitation Across Borders

How Indian migrant workers fight for their right to get paid in Serbia

10 August 2021

Mind The Gaze!

What's missing when Mongolia is seen through the eyes of foreign correspondents

3 August 2021

“I Wouldn’t Take No For An Answer”

How a solidarity-based sisterhood movement spread across rural India

27 July 2021

Redefining Spanishness

New music in Spain offers an alternative sense of belonging in a polarized country