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c/o Haus K166, Karl-Marx-Str. 166, 12043 Berlin
Company Register No.: HRB 16750, Fiscal Authorities: Hamburg North (see our founding documents).

Visit us in our Berlin office:

Hostwriter c/o Haus K166, Karl-Marx-Straße 166, 12043 Berlin, Germany

Hours:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:00- 18:00

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Data protection

Hostwriter is committed to protecting your personal data.

We’re complying with the >EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR),
the world’s toughest privacy laws. Find below an overview of the data
we hold, how we obtained it and what we’re doing with it.

How long we will retain it:

– We will retain the visitor data for 12 months.   

Sharing data with third parties, and on what basis we do so:

– Unbias the News uses Matomo
(formerly Piwik), an open-source and data-friendly web analytics
service. The information generated by Matomo about our visitors use of
the website is stored by us, but does not contain any personal data.

– Unbias the News also uses Google Analytics, and store non-personalized data.

– We use cookies to optimize our web presence
that are deleted after you close the browser. Other cookies remain on
your computer (long-term cookies) and permit recognition of it on your
next visit. Members can prevent storage of cookies by choosing a
“disable cookies” option in their browser settings.

– To contact us for further information about your data, please contact us at




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