Can you check your activism at the door?
December 7, 2021

As newsrooms globally respond to accusations of racial bias by focusing on diversity, journalist dateji cheko green looks to her experience in Canada to argue that a fuller reckoning of journalism practices, from recruitment to the daily meeting, is needed to make real change. 

Is tech providing an invisible cloak for harassment?
November 24, 2021

Behind the scenes of our latest story: Editor Tina Lee looks at an epidemic of sexist harassment enabled by messaging apps and social media.

Private Abuse in Telegram’s “Public Rooms”: Can North Macedonia Fight Online Sexual Harassment?
November 23, 2021

Activists and survivors have taken to the streets to demand justice online for revenge porn and other abusive material spread on Telegram.

For some women, a different kind of pain during birth
November 9, 2021

Behind the scenes of our latest story: Editor Mercy Abang looks at an epidemic of maltreatment and substandard care that affects women during childbirth.

“A Living Hell”: Kenyan Women Report Physical Assault During Childbirth
November 9, 2021

In 2013, the president of Kenya abolished hospital fees for giving birth. Almost a decade later, birth mortality rates remain stubbornly high. Does a pattern of abuse explain why?

Press Freedom and the Indian Judiciary
November 5, 2021

While press freedom faces grave threats in India, the judiciary has pulled through to protect the constitution in even the toughest of times, argues Ankita Anand.

The Climate disaster trauma within us
November 5, 2021

Behind the scenes of our latest story: Editor Zahra Salah Uddin asks what the emotional impact of climate change and climate disaster will be.

What a social media blackout means for marginalized communities
November 5, 2021

Behind the scenes: our editor Purple Romero asks, can marginalized groups use social media to challenge and change the narrative?

Ways of Seeing
November 5, 2021

Behind the scenes of our latest story: who suffers when surveillance technology is unleashed on a diverse population?

Women’s inheritance, the inequality that hits the world silently
November 5, 2021

Can society be equal without equal rights to inherit? Behind an undercovered issue that reduces women’s chances to build prosperity.

A man riding on a horse carries an eagle on his hand. On his left walks a man who waves a flag, behind them is a crowd on the street. Two protesters carry demonstration signs.

Mind The Gaze!

What’s missing when Mongolia is seen through the eyes of foreign correspondents.

The illustration by Gustavo Brigante depicts two bulls, two large roses and a woman dressed in traditional Flamenco clothes.

Redefining Spanishness

New music in Spain offers an alternative sense of belonging in a polarized country.

The black-and-white illustration shows a woman carrying a cane for the blind. She turns around as four giant hands reach out to her from each direction, grabbing her hand and her cane.

When “Help” Hurts

Is your desire to help more important than my consent? How #MeToo gave me a vocabulary to claim disability rights.

The illustration by Moshtari Hilal shows a person carrying lots of papers on her back, while standing on piles of paper with both feet.
Behind the Scenes

It’s pouring pitches!

Behind the scenes of the selection process: Editor Ankita Anand shares how the ed team picked the story pitches for Unbias the News.

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