“Heard” but not seen: Being Black in South Korea

By Arian Khameneh and David D. Lee

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A hand grasping money hovers above a group of people reaching towards it in an abstract field with ribbons of color.

Who moved my copper?

Zambia is a case in point. In 2020, the south African country was found to be a debt defaulter. The amount in question was 17 billion USD. But why is this happening to a country rich in copper and cobalt, two of the world’s most sought after metals?

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Several people walk down a street in Nigeria, a young man, two women side by side, one man has a walking stick and sunglasses.

It’s The Little Things: Life as a visually impaired person in Nigeria

Despite the difficulties Nigerian society imposes on people with visual impairments, many lead everyday lives. But sighted people manage to make life unnerving for them. Obinna puts on a multicoloured striped shirt in his home office in Abuja as he explains what life as a blind person means to Unbias The News. Video by Muhammed Akinyemi. Obinna Ekujereonye lives in

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