Why we are launching the Sinking Cities Project
January 20, 2022

Unbias the News will connect, train, and publish local journalists covering how rising sea levels and coastal flooding caused by climate change threaten cities.

Covid-19 lockdown pregnancies: How South Africa is fighting to keep girls in school
January 11, 2022

Join our mission! School lockdowns were designed to prevent the spread of Covid-19, but in

How it started | How it’s going
December 21, 2021

Holy cow, it’s been a ride: After eight years, Co-Founder Tabea Grzeszyk is going on a sabbatical in 2022. Join her on a look back!

Trading guns for fish and insects, former FARC combatants find a path back to civilian life
December 17, 2021

Sandra did not know anything about the climate crisis and its causes , nor did she know about food insecurity and the possible solutions to it when she surrendered her weapon to the United Nations after the guerrilla group she was part of, The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-EP), signed a peace agreement with the Colombian state.

Future food? Trying to revive a lost tradition in Ecuador
December 17, 2021

In Ecuador, it is an ancestral tradition to eat insects harvested in the Amazon. This tradition was erased by conquest, but some are trying to bring it back.

Can a carnivorous culture make room on the plate for new proteins?
December 17, 2021

The benefits of insect-based diets are clear, but researchers and entrepreneurs in Argentina are fighting against prejudice and legal barriers

Read this before you eat
December 15, 2021

Behind the scenes of our latest story: Editor Wafaa Albadry reflects on the discrimination faced by Black journalists, in both Western and non-Western settings.

Six-Legged Allies – A Cross-Border Insect Story
December 13, 2021

A four part cross-border investigation into insect proteins

The bittersweet taste of insects in Mexico’s rural areas
December 13, 2021

How can we incorporate insects into our diet without putting insect populations and their habitats at risk?

On the defense: Black journalists shouldn’t have to fight to exist
December 8, 2021

Behind the scenes of our latest story: Editor Wafaa Albadry reflects on the discrimination faced by Black journalists, in both Western and non-Western settings.

A person is encircled on one side, the other shows a group of people encicled

Press Freedom and the Indian Judiciary

While press freedom faces grave threats in India, the judiciary has pulled through to protect the constitution in even the toughest of times, argues Ankita Anand.

Two girls sitting by a rainy window, one has her head in her hands in fear, the other takes a selfie happily
Behind the Scenes

The Climate disaster trauma within us

Behind the scenes of our latest story: Editor Zahra Salah Uddin asks what the emotional impact of climate change and climate disaster will be.

A collage with a woman wearing a headscarf taking a selfie and a man wearing glasses looking in a screen, both their images are distorted in reflection
Behind the Scenes

Ways of Seeing

Behind the scenes of our latest story: who suffers when surveillance technology is unleashed on a diverse population?

Two men inside a construction sign
Behind the Scenes

Across borders, without wages

Behind the scenes of “Exploitation Across Borders”, our new story following Indian laborers fighting for their wages in Serbia.

A man riding on a horse carries an eagle on his hand. On his left walks a man who waves a flag, behind them is a crowd on the street. Two protesters carry demonstration signs.
Behind the Scenes

Going beyond the “single story”

What comes to mind when you think of your country? Behind the scenes of our latest story,”Mind the Gaze.”

Illustration with an Indian woman who symbolically breaks open a cage that has emprisoned a group of women.
Behind the Scenes

A woman who breaks all stereotypes

Behind the scenes of “I wouldn’t take no for an answer”, the story of a woman fighting for women escaping abuse in rural India.

The black-and-white illustration shows a woman carrying a cane for the blind. She turns around as four giant hands reach out to her from each direction, grabbing her hand and her cane.
Behind the Scenes

When do we pause to consider consent?

Our editor Ankita Anand goes behind the scenes of our latest story, “When Help Hurts,” which asks whether people with disabilities have an equal right to consent.

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