History at risk: Port Maria, birthplace of Jamaica’s first slave revolt, braces for climate change impact
May 20, 2022

Port Maria, a town with a rich and sprawling history, is a case study of how devastating even a small rise in sea level can be for small islands in the tropical regions of the world.

Erasing the record: Journalists and activists face a new normal of intimidation and censorship in Kashmir
April 21, 2022

“My mother informed me a few weeks ago that some army officials were looking for me and I needed to visit some camp. When I heard that I started shivering.

“Stop stealing from us”: Albanians take to the streets to protest skyrocketing gas prices
April 19, 2022

“The president of Ukraine gives his people hope, ours says ‘grit your teeth to endure the crisis,’” said one protest organizer.

Syria’s Poisoned Earth
March 23, 2022

“I heard the noise of a scouting plane… It was so close. I knew it was going to fall down, but I did not imagine it would crash into my farmland,” says Amin*, who rushed at the time to see the flames devouring his land.

Weighing Words: Fixing Macedonian Media Coverage of Gender-Based Violence
March 21, 2022

Media in North Macedonia still have a tendency to sensationalise coverage of gender-based violence and point the finger of blame at the victim, but activists and experts believe this can change.

Staying Behind: Out of cities and work, India’s women migrant workers struggle to rebuild their lives
March 10, 2022

Join our mission! India's Covid-19 lockdown sent millions of internal migrants back to their homes

Breaking their chains: How a family escaped bonded labour in a granite quarry in rural Karnataka
February 16, 2022

Extracting granite from mines in Karnataka is back-breaking labor that produces breathtaking wealth. But some of the laborers who do this work allege caste violence, bonded servitude and even sexual abuse at the hands of their bosses. One family tells their story.

How the urban poor are fighting for their homes on Lagos’ waterfront
February 11, 2022

Nigeria’s smallest yet most populous state continues to destroy informal settlements in defiance of the courts.

Covid-19 lockdown pregnancies: How South Africa is fighting to keep girls in school
January 11, 2022

Join our mission! School lockdowns were designed to prevent the spread of Covid-19, but in

Trading guns for fish and insects, former FARC combatants find a path back to civilian life
December 17, 2021

Sandra did not know anything about the climate crisis and its causes , nor did she know about food insecurity and the possible solutions to it when she surrendered her weapon to the United Nations after the guerrilla group she was part of, The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-EP), signed a peace agreement with the Colombian state.

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The black-and-white illustration shows a woman carrying a cane for the blind. She turns around as four giant hands reach out to her from each direction, grabbing her hand and her cane.

When “Help” Hurts

Is your desire to help more important than my consent? How #MeToo gave me a vocabulary to claim disability rights.

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